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Thank you for taking a look at my website devoted to church photography. This is my second website, with the first site looking at churches within a rough twenty miles radius of Peterborough. With that  original site approaching completion, I was looking for something to pick up instead. That is where this site comes in. This will feature some of my most favourite churches visited. One or two, such as Castor and Barnack, will also have had an entry in the first site, but for the most part it will consist of churches out of that catchment area. There will be churches from Derbyshire, Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire Lincolnshire, Northamptonshire, Norfolk, Suffolk and Rutland.



Pictured top left, the beautiful round tower church at Burnham Norton, Norfolk. To the right of that, the exterior at Castor, Cambridgeshire.

The stained glass immediately above left is from Warham, Norfolk whilst to the right of that the head of St John The Baptist is served on a platter at Morton, Lincolnshire.


Immeditaely below from left to right.Memento Mori brass at Aylsham, Norfolk.  Stone carving of a bell ringer at Stoke Dry, Rutland, Image of the mortality of Man at Bottesford, Leicestershire and medieval ship graffiti at Salthouse, Norfolk.


Below that, hands raised in prayer at Bottesford, Leicestershire and to the right of that the deaths head at Burwell, Cambridgeshire.


At the foot of the page, a gargoyle at Finedon, Northamptonshire, labours of the months font at Burnham Deepdale, Norfolk and carved bench end at Salle, Norfolk,


All photographs are my own work unless stated.


For those of you who have visited my first site, the format is the same. I am not going to get bogged down in too much historical detail, but this will be a gentle, sometimes tongue in cheek, look around some of the churches that I have been pleased to visit, and to share the experience with others.

  Due to work commitments this site is liable to build up pretty slowly. In the end I hope to include roughly 200 churches.

  I hope that you enjoy the site. Please get in touch should you wish to, just click on the e mail icon at the foot of this page.


   Very best wishes,

         Robin Peel

                  Peterborough,   April 2015.

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